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Wireless Technology for Global Health
By Chris Albon on 03/07

In Technology & Change’s first position paper, Chris Albon argues the advantages of wireless ICT in health and economic improvement programs, supported with relevant case studies, and surveys the challenges to its application.

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The Grameen Phone Ladies
By Chris Albon on 03/14

How can mobile phones improve lives? A look at one of the most successful micro-credit programs, the Grameen Phone Ladies.

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ICT a Huge Success, But...
By Alex Dunseth on 03/13

ICTs are an emerging focal point of businesses not yet connected in sustained financial markets. This article takes a closer look at some of the core problems, and what is being done about them.

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Spam in the Developing World
By Chris Albon on 03/12

A recent task force on spam by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has released a report on the effects of spam in developing countries. Chris Albon provides a summary of four negative effects of spam.

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Three Cyberdissidents
By Chris Albon on 03/10

Chris Albon summarizes the stories of three cyberdissidents currently imprisioned around the world. Reporters Without Borders claims over 70 individuals have been arrested for their online political activities, with 63 coming from China.

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Software Patents Ruin Software
By Chris Albon on 03/09

With the call for global software patents ringing loudly from executive boardrooms, Chris Albon presents five reasons software patents will hinder software development.

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International Online Volunteering
By Chris Albon on 03/08

Online volunteering, also known as virtual volunteering, involves donating your time and energy over the internet rather than in person. Projects involve a wide variety of opportunities from web design to writing. Furthermore, online projects allow for flexible volunteering hours and the opportunity to work with projects and organizations around the world.

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Technology Volunteering Overseas
By Chris Albon on 03/06

Are you a geek looking to flex your altrustic muscles? International organizations are recruiting technologically savvy for volunteering projects in the developing world. Whether an engineer or a science teacher, technology skills are in high demand and now is the time you can make a difference!

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Countries Need Indigenous Software
By Remmy Nweke on 03/06

Chairman, Trade and Events committee at the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Mr. Chris Uwaje, has highlighted the critical nature of software to national prosperity and security, saying, no nation can succeed in the new economic order without indigenous software.

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Economics of Africa 101
By Alex Dunseth on 03/04

A brief exploration of basic 3rd world economics. Essentially, this article prepares readers for the fact that US economics vastly differ from those in Africa, and need to be explored as such. Brief, but with drawn out examples that should be easily understood by those with no economic background.

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